The OVAL Collection: COTTO and Naoto Fukasawa join force in World-Class Designer Collaboration


The OVAL Collection: COTTO and Naoto Fukasawa join force in World-Class Designer Collaboration


     Bangkok: 29th March 2019– Leading innovator and manufacturer of high quality sanitary ware, COTTO, brings a new phenomenon to the industry with the launch of its latest collection, “OVAL”, collaboration with iconic product designer, Naoto Fukasawa, reaffirming its status as the leader of sanitary ware design.  The OVAL Collection comprises of a beautifully and thoughtfully designed wash basin, faucet, showerhead and mirror with built-in LED, reflecting the minimal aesthetics of the oval form and functional elements that embody the amalgamation of warmth, comfort and luxury.

     “Since COTTO continues to walk the path as the leading design conscious brand with our World-Class Designer Collaboration strategy, we have created special collections that target users in the high-end real-estate market as well as the hotel and hospitality industry. We have been searching for designers with distinctive style and body of work to be our collaborators. Through these collaborations, we are driven to deliver products of world-class standard, both in the aspect of design and functionality, following our intention to create timeless design creations. So far, we have launched two amazing collections. 'Pætchwork/ Collection’ is our debut project, in which COTTO collaborates with Piero Lisson, leading Italian designer and architect in the realization of design that celebrates the Minimalist aesthetics. Following the success of 'Pætchwork/’ is the well-received ‘Skive Collection’ where we work together with Jacob Jensen, prominent Danish designer in translating the Scandinavian Ultra Modern beauty to the form and functionalities of sanitary ware. And for 2019, we’ve put together yet another amazing design coalition with iconic Japanese product designer, Naoto Fukasawa. The OVAL Collection that is the result of this collaboration answers to users with a taste and preference for elegant and timeless design aesthetics,” explained Mr. Tananitya Ratananenya, Marketing Manager of Siam Sanitary Ware Company Limited.

     Mr. Tananitya Ratananenya, Marketing Manager of Siam Sanitary Ware Company Limited, further added that ‘to successfully deliver the value and positive experiences to the targeted customers, we have to ensure that The Oval Collection truly embodies the design philosophy of world-class designer such as Mr. Fukasawa. The use of high quality material and advance manufacturing technology is complemented by the craftsmanship skills of experts whose 30 years experience enable them to render details of such level of perfection. All these elements combined allow The Oval Collection to reach the hands of the consumers as the finest work of design that fully reflects Mr. Fukasawa’s design intuition.”

     “To best deliver the streamlined details and elegant forms of all the pieces in the collection, especially the washbasin, we incorporate the COTTO CERAMTM innovation that renders the unique features of the oval shape with thin edge while offering great durability, following Mr. Fukasawa’s design concept. The faucet is manufactured with digitally controlled technology of a global standard, resulting in the accurate temperature control, functionality and impeccable beauty. The OVAL Collection marks another important step of COTTO’s continually developing potential and ability to create products that are both diverse and high in quality, as the brand continues to successfully answer to every aspect of demands from the high-end real-estate market and hotel industry.”

     Through this iconic collaboration, ‘The Oval Collection’ offers the functional comfort that corresponds with human’s physical proportions and movements. Every piece in the collection is realized to collectively complement each other. And underneath the simplicity, The Oval Collection truly embraces both aesthetic and functional aspect of a great design creation.

     COTTO also put together an exhibition and lecture Integrity of Things” by Naoto Fukasawa, featuring the designer’s impressive track records and body of work, including the story behind The Oval Collection, his first ever collaboration with COTTO. The event welcomed overwhelming interest from designers, architects and students as well as design lovers and Minimalism enthusiasts.

     Experience the Minimal aesthetics of The Oval Collection for yourself at COTTO booth in the upcoming Architect Expo from 30th Apr. To 5th May 2019 or visit for more information.