The green vision, the sustainable brand vision.

Green Vision & Innovation

COTTO has been continuously offering environmentally-friendly products, for example, the products from ECO COTTO brand, the products from environmentally-friendly production or usage, and especially the products verified by SCG with 'SCG eco value' label. SCG is considered Thailand's first corporation which provides a label certifying its environmentally-friendly products. Products or services with 'SCG eco value' must be manufactured with specialized production process to reduce environmental effect as much as possible and more than other regular products. Moreover, these products must comply with ISO 14021, and pass the consideration and approval of SCG board.

Products certified with 'SCG eco value' and now under ECO COTTO's marketing are, for example,

  • COTTO Eco Tiles: Eco Rockrete and Eco Touch models, made with 60% recycled materials
  • COTTO Eco Toilet Dual Flush 3/4.5, water saving sanitary ware which can flush with 3 liters or 4.5 liters of water each time
  • COTTO Eco Faucet, with water saving rate 40% higher than Thai Industrial Standard (TIS)

Furthermore, COTTO also cares for environmentally-friendly and effective production process. As a consequence, COTTO has become the first brand to be certified with CO2 reduction label for its tile, sanitary ware and faucet productions. In addition, COTTO is also the first brand of which all faucets passed TIS, including limitation of heavy metals and contaminants to the safe level for human body.